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“Poojha guided me through the entire university application process – she took into account my expectations of a university education and my family’s concerns to help me a decide on a list of universities that I would apply to, she helped me present myself in the best way possible in my applications, and provided vital feedback on my personal essays. More importantly, however, she provided the moral support that a student needs during this process. Whether it was being completely flexible with meeting times, or renewing my confidence (whenever I doubted myself) or even staying up till 1am helping me resolve application issues, Poojha really went completely beyond what I expected from a university counselor. She took out the fear from college applications and was extremely encouraging and supportive all the time. I can’t imagine getting through those few months without her help."

— Nidhi Shilotri, accepted into the University of Pennsylvania


“At first, when I started my application, I got terribly lost on how to answer effectively. But after knowing Poojha, she not only helped me with constructive feedback about how to structure my essays, but also encouraged me to think on my own and bring out the best in me. She really helped me when I got stuck, and I think my own writing improved dramatically as a result of her comments.

Thank you” might not be enough for her tremendous support she gave to me. I would say that getting to know Poojha, is perhaps the best decision I made throughout the application process."

— Naweeya Wongkidakan, accepted into MIT, NYU and Duke University


“I just got accepted into Kellogg!!!! I owe this to you, Poojha. Thank you for making my dream come true.”

— Li Fang, Accepted into Kellogg, Northwestern University


“I came to Poojha for advice on my MBA essays at such short notice, and she was very helpful in putting my entire package together. Not just simply editing my essays, but actually delving into my career, life, hobbies and helping me think of better content for them and the interviews. Truly a very useful and eye-opening experience! Thanks to Poojha and the team, I'll be joining INSEAD this year."

— Shreya Gopal, accepted into INSEAD


"Working with Ms. Poojha during my college application process was a splendid experience. She made the highly stressful college application process smooth and stress-free. The greatest benefit of working with her is her focus on detail. While it seemed tedious to make 5-6 revisions, sometimes even 8 on just one essay, the final product makes it worth it. Secondly, Ms. Poojha’s knowledge about the schools I was looking to apply to really helped me narrow down on schools that would be a great fit for me. The result of this awesome experience was me getting into New York University’s Stern School of Business, which was my dream school!"

— Vedant Iyer, accepted into NYU, Stern School of Business


“I just got an acceptance from Duke! This would not have been possible without your help. But this year, after our first meeting, I already knew things were going to be different. And I was right! I got accepted into my top list of schools! Thanks a lot for all your help."

— Rahul Kumar, accepted into Duke University


“I wanted you to be the first to know that I have been accepted at 4 of the 6 schools that I had applied to. I have decided to pursue my education at Michigan Ann Arbor. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to evaluate my essays and helping me understand how the Admissions Team thinks. I think that made a big difference. Also, my interview went off very well because of your guidance."

— Emily Porter, Accepted into Michigan, Ann Arbor


“I got admitted by Oxford, and can say I would never have gotten there without her (Poojha) help with my essays. The service was fantastic with lots of brainstorming reviews to extract finest of ideas."

— Kathleen Miller, Accepted into Oxford University


"Poojha had, very expertly, guided me all the way from selecting the Universities to preparing me for interviews. She assessed my situation very carefully and advised on what should be my reach, target and safety universities. She edited each of my essays numerous times and was always brutally honest, which allowed me to put in my best effort. She also advised me very well on how to prepare for the interview process and conducted several mock interviews, and they turned out to be very helpful.

I would like to thank Poojha for all the effort she put in to my application process, and I would absolutely recommend her to any potential business school applicant in the future."

— Majed Chowdhury, accepted into Rotman (University of Toronto) and Schulich (York University) with scholarships


"I started working with Poojha for my college transfer process in Spring 2021. Doing the application process all over again was not just time consuming but also mentally draining. During this time, Poojha helped me re-structure my resume, highlight key activities, and perfect my essays to best present my application. Along with all of this, she also helped get through my lowest moments during the entire process. Throughout the process, Poojha was extremely enthusiastic and proactive, and always found time to have even a small chat. I, eventually, got admitted into Carnegie Mellon University, something that would have been impossible without Poojha's constant help and support.

Thank you for everything!"

Aryan Rawat, accepted into Carnegie Mellon University 


"Poojha, having graduated from a world renowned Ivy school like Yale has the right background for providing the finishing touches for applications at various universities in the US and UK in particular. Her commitment and dedication to the student is impeccable and she empathizes brilliantly with the student psyche to prop up the confidence levels and improvise upon the quality of applications. She is indeed a great asset to any student aspiring to join some of the best universities in the world."

— Sanika Shilotri, after her daughter’s acceptance into University of Pennsylvania


"Poojha brings deep expertise in the college admission process given her passion for this profession and wealth of experience. She is process oriented, meticulous and student centric in her approach which makes the entire experience of college selection stress-free. She is a great listener and builds a strong personal connection with the students, thus earning the right to influence students and raise the bar throughout the entire process. We are very grateful to Poojha as, with her counsel our son made it to his top-choice school and have strongly recommended her to our friends and family."

— Kavita & Ram Iyer, after their son’s acceptance into NYU


"As a parent of a 12th grader, I was unsure of how to help my child with selecting the right universities. There were so many options to choose from and can get very confusing! Poojha was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She took the mystery out of the Admissions process and helped my son with this admission into MIT. We are of course - thrilled! I can't thank you enough!"

— Sara Myers, after her son's acceptance into MIT


“My daughter got accepted into Notre Dame! Poojha played a big role in the process and hand held her every step of the way - from the university selection stage right upto the interview stage. She helped my daughter make intelligent choices and I am very pleased with the outcome.”

— Arun Shridhar, after his daughter's acceptance into Notre Dame

“Poojha was an invaluable resource for us. She is insightful and patiently answered all our questions - and we had many! She went over and above our expectations and even guided him on his internships and other extra curricular activities. And then when he was waitlisted, she taught us how to navigate the system and turn that into an acceptance. Couldn't have done it without you!”

— Rose, after her son's acceptance into Stanford


"Choosing a college, completing an application, writing an admissions essay, building a resume can be overwhelming for inexperienced parents.  Although I have two children who went through the process and were already attending colleges, I was a novice at the college admissions process.  I felt it made good sense to hire a consultant for expert advice for 2 of my other children, both daughters, who were applying for college admissions.  Each of my daughters and I met with Poojha Daryanani of PD Admissions Consulting.   She worked carefully with them through the entire process, mentoring, advising, and offering encouragement.   Poojha assisted them with choosing a major, creating a college shortlist, essay brainstorming and editing, building a resume, and also providing guidance with the waitlist and appeal process.   My daughters and I are thrilled with their outcomes. Poojha has a detailed understanding of colleges, their campuses, and facilities, which takes many years to acquire this type of knowledge.  It is worth paying for a college admissions consultant’s advice, and I highly recommend Poojha Daryanani."

                                  Phyllis White, after her daughter's acceptance into the University of Washington, Seattle 

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Phyllis White.jpg

Poojha is absolutely incredible! She helped my daughter at every step, from identifying the perfect College for her, to finding her passion, selecting her high school classes, improving her grades, writing her essay and guiding her during the application process.


My daughter was accepted in many excellent schools, and I know she wouldn't have done it without Poojha's constant support. I have recommended her services to many friends, and they have all thanked me since.


I believe the reason why Poojha's service delivery is so special and unique is because she manages to get the students in the REALLY engaged in the process. They admire and respect her while she inspires and care for them. I can say that I hired a College Consultant, but I got much more, we got a FRIEND.

Monica image.jpeg

Monica Fiorentini, after her daughter's acceptance into Loyola Marymount University

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