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With the plethora of career options available to students today, picking one career can seem overwhelming and confusing, especially if the student has multiple interests. Career interest assessments can prove useful because they encourage the student to think deeply, reflect and prioritize their interests.

High school students benefit from making the right academic course selection in school, and then creating a college shortlist and college application accordingly.

Similarly, this introspection helps Graduate school applicants as well. The more self-aware the applicant is about his interests and preferences, the better tailored his school shortlist and applications will be.

​As certified career assessment experts, we administer psychometric tests for our students and then provide them with detailed feedback and reports of their results, enabling them to identify their strongest career interest.

“As a 10th grader, I wanted to try so many different careers! It was incredibly hard for me to narrow down to one or two of them. These career tests were a perfect solution because they really made me think about what I wanted most.”

— Sam Reed, high school student

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